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Bus schedule (for partecipants)

The bus schedule for partecipants is available here.


Bus schedule (for speakers)

The bus schedule for speakers is available here.



How to reach the Forum Sport Center [website]
How to reach the Parco Tirreno Hotel [website]
Hotel Melia [website]


Costs and Reimbursement

At the symposium two types of accommodation (3- and 4- bed rooms) will be provided. Accordingly the registration fees will be:

without accommodation (basic) 150 euro
with accommodation in 3-bed room 285 euro
with accommodation in 4-bed room 255 euro

The symposium is supported by Marie Curie Actions providing the organizers with the possibility to offer reimbursement of expenses including basic registration fee (complete reimbursement), travel (fixed amount depending on the distance to be covered) and daily living allowance (fixed) for up to 120 selected participants - young researchers not more than 10 years away from their university degree (with the preference being given to those that are less then 4 years away from their university degree).

Any participant with research experience that fits into the time frames mentioned is eligible for the reimbursement and has equal chances to be selected. One can apply for the reimbursement by sending an e-mail that would mention the date of one’s graduation to

The selection procedure will be based on ensuring equal participation at the symposium of applicants from different countries. The organizing committee will inform you on the progress of your application shortly after the registration deadline is closed.


Registration rules

The Organizing committee of the 1st EMBL-Monterotondo (6th EMBL) International PhD Student symposium “Animal Models – Tips and Tricks from Nature” invites you to register for the conference on our internet pages. Before proceeding to the registration page, make sure that you have read, understood and agreed to the following points / terms:

Personal information. The Organizing committee affirms that the personal information collected in the registration pages will be treated with the strictest confidentiality. The information collected is meant for communication with the applicant and for statistical purposes only. No part or whole will be given to third parties, including EMBL and conference sponsoring companies. After completion of the logistics of the symposium, this information will be discarded.

Contact information in the abstract book. Please note that during the registration procedure you will have to indicate if you want or not your contact address included in the conference abstract book

Registration procedure. The registration procedure has to be completed in steps. First, the applicant is asked about general information on his/her participation in the conference. This information will be reviewed by the organizing committee, which will decide about admittance of the applicant to the symposium. Upon refusal, all personal information about the applicant will be eventually discarded, except in cases where the applicant is put on a waiting list.
Upon acceptance, the applicant will be asked to give information about travel and accommodation arrangements. This information will be accessible for revisions and updates until the deadline for confirmation of attendance is met. After this deadline, no changes or refundable cancellations will be possible

Security issues. The information entered in the registration pages is transmitted to us by an encrypted secure connection. This effectively means that no people or third parties can see the information sent to us. If in doubt about security issues, the applicant is encouraged to contact us at

Payment procedure, credit card information and security issues. During the registration procedure, the applicant will be asked to choose a mode of payment for the participation fee and the optional accommodation. Payment can only be made by a valid credit card or direct bank transfer. The organizing committee reserves the right to turn down applicants. Especially in cases when no valid credit card number or alternative means of payment is made available.
We accept payment by American Express, Diner’s Club, Visa and MasterCard. The credit card information is transmitted by an encrypted secure connection. In addition credit card information is stored in an encrypted form. In case the applicant does not wish to send the credit card information via the internet, he/she can send it to:

Courses and Conferences Office, EMBL Heidelberg,
Postfach 10.2209,
D-69012 Heidelberg, GERMANY
Tel: +49 6221 387331
Fax: +49 6221 387158

The applicant should mention the following:
Name of the event (6th International EMBL PhD student symposium)
Applicant’s full name
Applicant’s registration number (to be sent to him after the first registration page)
Name of credit card owner
Credit card type, Credit card number, Issuer, date of issue and expiration

Bank transfer fees have to be paid by the applicant.

Travel documents and visas. Prior to traveling to Italy, some applicants from certain countries may have to acquire special travel documents, such as a visa. Applicants are strongly encouraged to check with the local Italian Authorities (Embassies or Consulates) about the need of special traveling documents. Since the process may be time consuming, applicants are advised to make such arrangements as soon as possible. Failure to obtain a visa after the deadline for participation in the conference will not result in a refund.
Applicants are responsible for providing the right documentation needed for their entry to Italy. However, upon request, the Organizing Committee can issue a formal letter of acceptance to the symposium for obtaining a visa. The organizing committee can not be held responsible in the case of a refusal by Italian authorities to enter Italian territory.

Deadlines and cancellation. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to make changes to deadlines or to cancel the conference. In the event of cancellation, all funds processed until that moment will be returned, and personal information collected will be discarded.
In the event of changes to deadlines, these changes will be communicated in the symposium web page or by other means possible.

Question and clarifications. If if you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at